Public still unaware of child seat laws

16 August 2006

  • 60% of readers don't know new laws
  • Law is intended to safeguard children in cars
  • New law comes into force on September 18

Vauxhall child seat

The Government might be failing to spread the message about tougher new child seat laws judging by the results of a survey.

From September 18 long-awaited laws come into force that say children must use an appropriate child or booster seat from birth up to the age of 12 or until they reach 135cms.

However, only four out of 10 readers correctly identified the age limit. More than one third thought children up to seven should wear booster seats, while 10% thought that children up to age three should use a booster.

A Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents said: 'The figures show that there is a still a gap in knowledge.

'It is going to be a major change and it's one that parents should look at sooner rather than later - don't leave it to the last minute.'

ROSPA said it was pleased 40% of the motoring public knew the right answer, and was further encouraged by the large volume of calls it is receiving looking for clarification of the new laws.

Look in our advice section for guidance on which type of seat you need to be using, or log onto ROSPA's site at

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