Quality 'on the up', says Renault

26 July 2007

Renault is successfully changing its customers' perceptions of poor-quality cars and bad customer service, according to independent assessors.

Last summer, Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn unveiled a plan to design more robust vehicles, increase reliability, and ensure sales and aftersales quality within the company.

Now independent assessors, appointed by the company's head office in Paris, have rated Renault UK as the best of all its markets, with a score of almost 95% based on the quality of their product and service.

The assessors analysed the results of between 4500 to 5000 phone calls to customers each month, in which they were asked to rate their experiences.

All departments hit their 2007 targets, but more stringent tests mean that standards will have to rise each year until 2009, from where Ghosn says the raised standards must be maintained.

Pushing the limits
The scheme extends to improving the quality and perception of quality of Renault's cars, where Ghosn has set the target of being in the top three car manufacturers for quality.

Renault says its new Laguna, which goes on sale in the UK on October 12, has been built with reliability in mind - more robust components have been used, for example.

A dealer prize scheme, called the Global Quality Award Scheme, has also been introduced to reward dealers across the world who meet quality standards.

Four UK dealers were among the award winners - Prideaux in Barnstaple; Bagshot Road in Jersey; Ezra Sugden in Worksop and Parks of Irvine.

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