Recalls: Alfa Romeo and Volvo

02 November 2006

  • Alfa 147, Alfa GT and Volvo S80 affected
  • Clutch could fail on the Alfa Romeos
  • Volvo cabin heater can short-circuit

147 front static medium

Alfa and Volvo are recalling more than 6000 cars for safety checks.

Alfa wants to inspect 5355 147 hatchback and GT coupes after discovering a potential problem with the clutch. A clip that secures the pin between the clutch cylinder and pedal can become detached and leave the car without clutch operation.

Volvo wants to inspect 714 new S80 executive cars for checks on the cabin heater. The manufacturer has found that the system may have a short circuit which drains the battery and can, in rare cases, lead to a fire.

Volvo will disable the cabin heater as a temporary measure until the root cause of the problem can be identified.

Affected Alfa vehicle identification numbers
ZAR93700005156078 to ZAR93700005298888
ZAR93700003185703 to ZAR93700003777404
ZAR93700003254498 to ZAR93700003334641
ZAR93700005155403 to ZAR93700005260743

Affected Volvo vehicle identification numbers
00000000000000568 to 00000000000013569

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