Recalls for Bentley, Aston and Citroen

23 February 2006

  • Wrong tyre pressure information on Citroen C3s
  • Wheel bolts could work lose on Bentley Arnages
  • Electrical faults on Aston Martins V8 Vantage

Citroen C3

Wheels failing off Bentleys, Aston Martins that won't start and incorrect tyre pressure labels on Citroen C3 Pluriels are responsible for the latest safety recalls from car manufacturers.

Citroen has found that the labels on 6323 of its Pluriel convertibles tell owners to inflate the spare tyre to an incorrect pressure. The tyres need to be pressurised to 4.2 bar and not 2.5 bar as the label on the inside of the left-hand door pillar suggests. Cars with the VIN numbers VF7******28000180 to VF7*****280066166 are affected by the recall.

Bentley has discovered that the bolts on the wheels of 39 Arnage models could work lose and result in the wheel detaching from the car. Cars built between January 1, 2004 and May 31, 2005 are potentially affected.

Aston is writing to the 131 owners of the new V8 Vantage coupe because they might be struggling to get the car to start.

The manufacturer says an electrical fault can cause wires to melt, brake lights to come on and make the model difficult to start. Cars built between May 23, 2005 and October 10, 2005 are subject to the recall.

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