Recalls hit four makes

28 November 2005

  • Audi recalls 5700 A6 models
  • 958 Volvos and 22 Vauxhalls called in
  • Aston Martin recalls three DB9s

Audi is recalling certain A6 models with airbag faults

Airbags which deploy too late in an accident and short-circuiting batteries are two faults covered in the latest batch of safety recalls from car manufacturers.

In the largest recall, Audi is contacting owners of 5700 A6 models, built between February 2004 and March 2005, for checks on the front airbags.

Audi has found that these airbags may deploy too late in an accident, and wants to update the software on the cars to adjust their timing.

Volvo is recalling 958 of its S80 executive cars and XC90 off-roaders for checks on the cable which earths the battery. The manufacturer says it can short-circuit the battery, causing smoke to appear from underneath the bonnet and potentially leave drivers unable to start the car.

Vauxhall also wants to check the trailer hitch bolts on 22 Zafira people carriers. It has found that the bolts may not have been tightened to the correct degree, and could fail as a result.

The smallest of the recalls affects three unlucky Aston Martin DB9 owners. The manufacturer says a part within the automatic transmission’s parking brake system has not been built to the right standard. This could leave the car unbraked, even when the driver has engaged the system and indicators suggest it is operating correctly.

• The list below shows the affected vehicles' VIN:
Audi A6
WAUZZZ4F*6N000101 to WAUZZZ4F*6N006042
WAUZZZ4F*5Z021628 to WAUZZZ4F*5Z074381
WAUZZZ4F*5N000101 to WAUZZZ4F*5N109817
WAUZZZ4F*59057137 to WAUZZZ4F*59109522
LFVZZZ4F*53000001 to LFVZZZ4F*53000071

Volvo S80 and XC90
00000000000390050 to 00000000000427400
00000000000134117 to 00000000000229094

Vauxhall Zafira
00000000052015830 to 00000000062010564
0000000006G000039 to 0000000006G004231

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