Renault and Alfa Romeo recalls

23 April 2007

Renault and Alfa are recalling cars over problems with the braking systems.

Renault wants to inspect 4234 Modus cars and the latest version of the Clio built between December 2005 and February 2006. Renault has found that the electrical switch operating the brake lights can melt, causing overheating of the floor around the pedals, the release of smoke into the passenger compartment and the failure of the brake lights.

Alfa is contacting the owners of 51 Brera coupes manufactured between June and August 2006. It has found that a heat shield may have been fitted incorrectly, or not at all in some cases, and cause damage to a brake pipe. This won't lead to a total loss of braking power, but motorists will lose servo assistance and have to push harder on the pedal as a result.

The manufacturers are contacting owners with the offer of free checks and remedial work in both cases.

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