Report: Mobile signs improve driving

25 January 2006

Mobile cameras are being used in conjunction with mobile road signs to warn motorists over road safety offences they are committing.

Road safety experts say that driving standards have 'dramatically improved', following the radical new road safety scheme. The mobile signs warn drivers to stop offences such as using a mobile phone, tailgating and speeding. The signs have been in operation on south Oxfordshire roads.

The scheme works by using traffic cameras to catch motorists committing the offences, and then operators at a base can issue a variety of warnings to be displayed on the signs. The signs also alert drivers if are they not wearing their seatbelts, are tired, or if it appears that they have not secured their child seats properly.

Motorists receive the warning instead of convictions, as the scheme is designed to prevent accidents. The pioneers of the scheme say the new warning signs have been a massive success, and are hoping they will be in use throughout the UK.

Steve Wood, from the Transport Police Group at Oxfordshire County Council, said: 'A lot of the focus has been on speed cameras, and that has created bad news. We don't want drivers to be shouting and swearing after they get three points and a £60 fine. This is about preventing accidents and getting the safety message across.'

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