Rotating baby seat hits market

19 July 2007

  • Rotating design saves parents extra effort
  • Highest European safety standards are met
  • Seat goes on sale for £199

axissincar 234

The first rotating child car seat has been launched, with manufacturers claiming it will revolutionise the market with its labour-saving benefits.

The Bebe Confort Axiss rotates 180 degrees on its base so that a child can be lifted in or out of the seat from either side door, making it easier on parents' backs and meaning they don't have to turn the child when removing or seating it.

The seat is suitable for children weighing between nine and 18kgs, typically aged nine months to four years, and meets the highest European safety standard, R44/04.

Safety features include side and head protection and absorbent material to reduce forward movement in the event of an accident. The headrest is also adjustable.

It also has a safety lock so that the seat cannot be swivelled by other rear-seat occupants and is secured with a traditional three-point seat belt, which is threaded through an L-shaped frame.

The seat costs £199.

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