Saab boss wants more biofuel support

17 September 2007

  • Just 16 E85 pumps in UK
  • Sweden has 900 pumps, France 127
  • Saab chief wants more Government incentives

Saab says there should be more incentives to buy biofuels for cars such as its Biopower 9-5

Saab's managing director has criticised the Government for failing to create enough incentives for drivers to switch to the biofuel E85.

E85 bioethanol is estimated to give up to 25% better mileage than standard petrol, while emitting up to 60% less harmful green house gases.

There are just 16 fuel pumps in the UK that provide E85 at present, with a further 21 scheduled to open by the end of the year.

That compares with Sweden, which has 900 pumps, and France, which has 127. The Governments of both countries offer strong financial incentives for motorists to use the fuel.

Saab's Jan-Ake Jonsson has now said that the UK Government should be doing more to promote E85's use.

'The strong UK fleet market can make a tremendous difference, starting with the government's own fleet of vehicles,' he said.

'It is strange why London's mayor has still not granted E85 an exemption from congestion charges,' Jonsson added.

Both Saab and Ford sell cars capable of running on E85 in the UK, and Peugeot is expected to follow suit by 2008.

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