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Saab convertibles – 20 years not out

06 January 2006

Saab is celebrating 20 years of building drop-tops with a new special edition of its 9-3 Convertible.

The Cerulean pack of extras costs up to £775 on top of the price of a standard car, and marks the anniversary of the company's first open-air model, the 900 Turbo Convertible, in January 1986.

The added specification is available on the 2.0t Aero for an extra £625 at £31,214, or on a 1.8t Vector at £27,979, a £775 premium.

For the money, you get colour-matched parts, including blue door handles and a blue roof cover for when the roof is down, and pale blue inserts for the standard versions' leather upholstery.

Unique 17-inch alloy wheels are also fitted, along with a colour-coded rear spoiler.

Aim for a discount of around 7-8% on the special editions, and don't expect to recoup much, if any, of the premium you're paying for the extras included.

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