Safety recalls: is your car affected?

04 May 2007

  • Wipers that don't work and seats that catch fire
  • Jaguar recall is the biggest and covers 8028 cars
  • Owners are being contacted for free repairs

Jaguar XJ TDVi

Cabin fires, seat fires, windscreen wipers that don't work and parking brakes that don't hold the car in place are all behind the latest batch of safety recalls from manufacturers.

Jaguar's recall of 8028 diesel S-types and XJs built between April 2005 and February 2007 is the largest. The manufacturer has found that the particulate filter for the 2.7-litre engine can overheat and burst into flames. Heat generated by the filter can also melt interior components and could spark a fire in the cabin.

Suzuki is recalling 4368 SX4s for checks on the parking brake. A cable may detach on the car and leave motorists without a useable parking brake. No build dates or VIN numbers have been supplied, but concerned owners can contact the Suzuki Customer Care Helpline on 0500 011959.

The windscreen wipers on 2009 Peugeot 207 superminis may fail as a result of improper wiring. Peugeot is unable to provide build dates or VIN numbers for cars potentially affected by the recall, so is advising any owners that might be worried to call their helpline on 0845 6004400.

Fiat wants to inspect 1757 Idea, Punto, Panda, Grande Punto and Stilo models built in May last year. A pulley on the crankshaft of the engine could fail, leaving owners without engine power, power steering and braking assistance.

The smallest of the recalls covers 433 Volkswagen Polos with heated cloth seats. Volkswagen has found that an incorrectly sewn section of the seat could allow contact between wiring and heating filaments. The resulting short circuit could mean the seat catching fire. Cars built between May last year and February this year are affected.

Owners of affected cars are being contacted by the respective manufacturers with the offer of free checks and remedial work.

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