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Save £78,150 on Audi R8!

14 December 2007

If you're lusting over an Audi R8 this Christmas, you can jump the year-long waiting list and all but £45 of the cost – by buying a 1/18th scale model of the car.

You'll have to move fast, though, as the Audi-sanctioned zinc model is being limited to just 750 cars, which are available through Audi showrooms.

The £45 price tag represents a £78,150 saving on the real thing, albeit without matching the supercar's 0-62mph time of 4.6 seconds or top speed of 187mph.

Fiat 500 pedal car
If budget limitations mean you are eying a Fiat 500 rather than an Audi R8, you could still be facing a long waiting list.

But help is also at hand, as an enterprising company is selling Fiat 500 pedal cars.

The child's toy costs around £100 and is available only in Europe.

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