Seat’s greenest ever car arrives

27 December 2007

Seat’s new Ibiza Ecomotive is the greenest car Seat has ever made, and could lay claim to being the cleanest new car on sale.

Its super-efficient 1.4-litre diesel engine puts out just 99g/km of carbon dioxide. That’s as low as the cleanest version of the Volkswagen Polo Bluemotion, previously the undisputed title holder.

Low fuel bills go hand-in-hand with low emissions, with the promise of 74mpg on average. There are further savings to be made, since the Ecomotive is exempt from road tax.

The Ecomotive achieves such economy through similar measures to the Polo Bluemotion. Longer gearing, improved aerodynamics and low rolling-resistance tyres all play a part.

Equipment includes air-conditioning (which isn’t fitted to the cleanest version of the Polo), electric front windows and a CD player.

Prices start from £10,995, undercutting the Polo by £1000.

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