Secret video reveals sexism

24 November 2005

  • Women pay, on average, £534 more than men
  • 47% of dealers refused to offer a discount to women
  • Dealers caught on exclusive undercover video


Women are charged an average of £534 more than men to buy the same car, undercover research by What Car? reveals today.

Using hidden video cameras and microphones, single men, single women and couples made 45 visits to dealerships in the North, Midlands and South of England.

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The 1500 minutes of startling footage show how women are charged more, and pressured harder, to buy on the spot when shopping for cars.

The footage also exposes how many dealers fall back on sharp practices and misleading information when discussing finance terms with all customers.

When it came to discussing finance terms, sales staff hid behind new Financial Services Authority regulations, while many business managers deliberately played on the complexities of interest rates and loans.

More than half the female shoppers and couples felt finance packages had not been fully explained, compared with 27% of men.

What Car?'s editor, David Motton, said: 'Women are getting a raw deal when buying a new car. They pay more, and feel under more pressure to buy, than men.'

See the full results of the survey in the January 2006 issue of What Car?, on sale now.

Click here to see how our shoppers fared.

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