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September date for Mazda pick-up

10 March 2006

  • Mazda BT-50 on sale in September
  • Based on new Ford Ranger pick-up
  • High-spec models could cost £18,500


This is the BT-50, a new pick-up from Mazda based on the Ranger built by sister company Ford.

Essentially the same vehicle underneath different bodywork, the BT-50 will go on sale around the same time as the Ranger this September, replacing the current Mazda B-Series.

At the moment the B-Series is a purely commercial vehicle, but Mazda is looking at introducing better-equipped versions of the BT-50 to appeal to car buyers with active lifestyles and families. If these types of BT-50 were introduced, we'd expect them to cost from about £18,500.

Like any other pick-up, the BT-50 enjoys some great tax breaks for company owners and drivers.

Register the vehicle through your company and you'll be able to claim back the 17.5% VAT off the list price and save thousands. Company car drivers are also taxed on £500 instead of the pick-up's list price, so a higher-rate payer pays out just £20 a month, hundreds less than for a conventional family car.

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