Silicone is likely fuel contaminant

02 March 2007

The mystery of dodgy fuel could now be solved, as Trading Standards has confirmed that silicone has been found in fuel from Cambridgeshire.

There have been widespread reports from across the south of England of cars suffering a loss of performance, breakdowns and expensive mechanical failures after motorists filled up at supermarket petrol stations, including Tesco and Morrisons.

Until now, the cause has remained unknown - Trading Standards scientists have been analysing fuel samples in an effort to trace the problem. The contaminated fuel was found in a car with mechanical problems. So far no faulty fuel has been found at a Tesco or Morrisons petrol station.

Just how much fuel contaminated with silicone sold to motorists is unknown. The presence of excessive silicone in petrol prevents a car's Lambda, or oxygen, sensor working, which in turn causes a noticeable drop in performance.

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