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Tantalising glimpse of new E-Class?

02 February 2006

Mercedes is set to unveil face-lifted versions of the E-Class at the Geneva Motor Show, but our computer artists are looking even further into the future to the all-new model due much later.

Don't think that these computer-generated images are mere flights of fancy. Based on insider knowledge and using current new design themes, these exclusive images are likely to give a very good idea of what the next-generation car will look like.

One of the most distinctive features will be a sharp crease running down the length of the body. Mercedes has already used this feature on recent launches, including the A-Class, B-Class and CLS-Class vehicles.

The face-lifted model goes on sale shortly after its debut at Geneva early next month, but the all-new car is still some way off yet. Expect to see the car late in 2008 at the earliest, perhaps even 2009.

Computer-generated images by Schulte

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