The i might have it for Mitsubishi

12 May 2006

  • Lavishly equipped 660cc-engined city car
  • Estimated price of £8999
  • On sale in September if customers like it


Mitsubishi is assessing whether to import its funky, four-seat 'i' city car in time for the new 56 registrations this September.

With a suggested price of £8999, the i comes laden with luxury kit: automatic transmission, climate control, alloy wheels, xenon lights, keyless entry and a leather steering wheel are some of the standard features.

Power comes from a turbocharged 660cc engine, which sits under the boot floor. In spite of the engine's small size, Mitsubishi claims a 0-50mph time (not the normal 0-60mph) of 11.2secs and a top speed of around 90mph.

Fuel economy is estimated at an average of 55mpg and low carbon dioxide emissions should ensure it sits in the lowest Vehicle Excise Duty band. An all-electric version is said to be in the pipeline and could make showrooms in two or three years.

In spite of the i's diminutive dimensions, it's a comfortable four-seater, and the massive glass area gives excellent views out. Even with the engine under the boot floor, there's a reasonable amount of space for bags.

Mitsubishi previewed the i at the recent Badminton Horse Trials, where the response was said to be 'very good'.

Do you see eye-to-i?
Do you adore the i? Or to you utterly abhor it? Take a look at the photos by clicking the More pictures link at the top right of the page then drop us a line and tell us your thoughts. We'll publish a selection of your views next week.

'i' adore it

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