Toyota protects whiplash victims

06 July 2007

Toyota is introducing a whiplash-reducing headrest, which it says will reduce the severity of injuries by 10-20% in low-speed, rear impact accidents.

Toyota's Active Headrest System works by recognising when the occupant's lower back presses against the seatback, as it would in a rear-end accident.

This then triggers the head restraint via a cable, which raises it 30mm and brings it forward by 25mm in order to catch the occupant's head.

Toyota's system will be fitted to new, mass production models in Japan immediately and is expected to filter onto British models within the next 12 months.

How much protection the system offers varies according to the physique, position and posture of the occupant at the time of the accident. Toyota's own simulations suggest a typical advantage of 10-20%.

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