Turbocharged Nissan Murano does 140mph

06 July 2006

  • Turbocharged Murano GT-C concept has 335bhp
  • Car will be shown at Goodwood Festival of Speed
  • GT-C can do 140mph and 0-60mph in 7sec

Murano GT-C

Following the 350Z GT-S concept car, Nissan has released details of its Murano GT-C concept, which will appear at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Based on the Murano 4x4, the GT-C features a heavily modified powertrain and chassis, and plenty of styling modifications.

The Murano GT-C’s motor is turbocharged to produce 335bhp (up from 231bhp) and 265lb ft of pulling power. That's enough to propel the GT-C to 60mph in 7.0sec and on to 140mph, but Nissan claims it is the car’ in-gear acceleration that is most impressive.

Uprated suspension and a 25mm lower ride height help to offer the handling to go with the pace, while the steering has also been altered to provide improved feedback. Uprated brakes complete the package.

Styling tweaks include mesh air intakes, 22-inch alloy wheels, and four exhaust pipes among the changes. The cabin has hand-stitched leather and bespoke luggage, and the gearlever is fashioned from hand-blown glass (Murano is an island off the Venetian coast in Italy famed for its blue glass).

Nissan says that production of the car is feasible, but unlikely.

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