UK motorists 'rubber-neck' at crashes

10 April 2006

  • 66% of drivers admit to looking at accidents
  • More men guilty of rubbernecking than women
  • Britons treat cars like bins, too

car crash

Two out of three motorists admit to slowing down and 'rubber-necking' at road accidents, while one in 10 have actually stopped to have a better look at a crash scene.

In a survey of 3000 motorists by Green Flag, men were the worst culprits, with males twice as likely as women to slow down and look at an accident.

One in 20 said they had a collision because they were distracted while looking at an accident.

A Green Flag spokesman said: 'It might be tempting to have a quick look at an accident, but it is vital for safety that drivers keep their eyes on the road at all times.'

According to the research, Scottish drivers were the worst culprits, while Londoners were the least likely to slow for an accident.

It seems we also don't treat our cars well, either. According to a survey carried out by Kia, almost one third of motorists admitted to discarding food and wrappers on the floor of their car, while 35% said they cleaned out their messy cars just twice a year.

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