Volkswagen goes blue to go green

25 May 2007

Volkswagen seems determined to improve fuel economy and lower emissions - it's got plans for more Bluemotion cars, hybrid technology and a flagship model that could return over 282mpg.

The Bluemotion brand, with its tweaked gearing, lower weight and improved aerodynamics, will be launched this summer with the Polo, and will soon be extended with the Passat. The Golf is next in line for the treatment and should be on sale before the end of the year.

As well as offering low carbon dioxide emissions, Volkswagen also trumpets the cars' impressive fuel economy. Insiders say a Fox Bluemotion, which could go on sale next year, should be able to achieve 94.1mpg.

Eventually every model in Volkswagen's stable will have a Bluemotion version, and beyond the Fox lies the prospect of a car that could return 282.4mpg.

Volkswagen has already built a running prototype. The lightweight, two-seat, two-cylinder car is still being considered for production, and it could go on sale in 2010.

However, efficient engines, gearboxes, aerodynamics and lighter weight can only take Volkswagen so far, so hybrid technology will definitely be a big part of the line-up in the near future.

A prototype Touran hybrid has already been built, while VW boss Martin Winterkorn has said the Touareg will be first to have the technology, probably next year.

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