Volvo rationalises V70 range

12 January 2007

Volvo has simplified its V70 range, slashing the number of models available from 46 to 15.

It has discontinued the 138bhp 2.4, turbocharged 2.0T, 2.5T AWD petrol and D5 AWD diesel models, leaving the five most popular engines.

These include the 168bhp 2.4, 207bhp turbocharged 2.5T, 256bhp T5, 161bhp 2.4 diesel and 182bhp diesel D5 engines. The 138bhp 2.4 Bi-Fuel CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) model remains, too.

Cutting the price of the 168bhp 2.4-litre petrol engine by £700 now means that the entry-level V70 S costs £23,810.

Trims now include S, SE, SE Sport and SE Lux, as well as the 296bhp V70 R and the new Special Edition Sport.

New V70 Special Edition Sport
As part of the reorganisation, there's a new trim, called the Special Edition Sport. Despite its name, it's not a special edition and is part of the regular line-up.

The Special Edition Sport costs from £24,310, making it £500 more than the entry-level S car, but £1500 less than the Sport model it replaces. Powering the car is either a 168bhp petrol engine or one of two diesels - a 161bhp 2.4-litre unit, or a 182bhp D5 motor.

The Special Edition Sport comes with speed-dependent power steering, 17-inch alloy wheels, door-mirror ground lights, leather steering wheel, chronograph instruments and front, and rear colour-co-ordinated spoilers and side skirts.

The new car is available now.

V70 prices
2.4 S £23,810
2.4D S £25,370

2.4 Special Edition Sport £24,310
2.4D Special Edition Sport £25,870
D5 Special Edition Sport £26,815

2.4 SE £26,310
2.5T SE £29,210
T5 SE £31,130
2.4D SE £27,870
D5 SE £28,815

2.4 Bi-Fuel (CNG) SE £28,610

T5 SE Sport £32,930
D5 SE Sport £30,615
T5 SE Lux £33,380
D5 SE Lux £31,065

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