We won't pay to have potholes fixed

24 July 2007

  • 80% of readers say no to council tax increases
  • Potholes cause £100-300m of damage a year
  • Less than 10% would pay more than £10

80% of whatcar.com readers won't pay any more council tax to have potholes fixed

A vast majority of people wouldn't pay any more council tax to have all potholes fixed, according to a new whatcar.com poll.

Estimates suggest that the damage caused to cars amounts to between £100 million and £300 million per year, and that one in 10 motorists suffer damage to their car from driving over potholes each year.

Yet four out of five respondents said that they wouldn't pay more to have them fixed, suggesting that they feel they already pay enough council tax to have problems fixed, or that they do not consider potholes a major hazard in their area.

The next-largest group was made up of 13% of respondents, who said they would be prepared to pay up to £10 a month extra if it meant they didn't have to put up with driving on damaged roads.

Just 2% said they would pay up to £20 a month, while 5% said they would pay £30 or more, which equates to an additional £360 on their council tax.

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