Wet summer causes more fires in Corsas

20 August 2007

Vauxhall is recalling nearly 250,000 Corsas for the second time because of a fault in the anti-lock braking system that could lead to a fire.

Vauxhall had recalled the cars in March 2006 to fix the problem, but this has failed to stop the incidents completely.

Engineers believe that water getting into the ABS wiring harness is to blame, causing a short-circuit which in some instances has led to the cars going on fire.

The unseasonally wet summer has caused more incidents.

The recall affects Corsas built between 2003 and 2005, as well as Tigra coupes and Combo vans.

The current Corsa, built from 2006 onwards, is unaffected.

Affected cars carry the following vehicle identification numbers (VIN):

*********5E000023 to *********5E037478
*********44000009 to *********54330240
*********43000023 to *********54330240

A Vauxhall spokesman said 'We will issue a new recall in the last quarter of the year, but we can't give a specific date yet because we're still assembling parts to perform the recall.'

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