Whistle-blower calls for Clio recall

28 March 2007

A former Renault employee claims the company is not doing enough to protect its customers from a 'poorly designed' bonnet catch on the previous-generation Clio and current Clio Campus models.

Renault's former Press Manager, Graeme Holt, fears someone may die as a consequence of the faulty bonnet catch. BBC's Watchdog programme was first alerted to this issue 11 months ago and has since been contacted by 1000 people who claim to have been affected by this problem.

Renault has agreed to contact owners and offer to replace any defective parts but Holt says the company is just replacing poorly designed parts 'with more of the same, which will only delay the problem for three or four years until they rust.'

He said: 'I'd like to say I hope this latest publicity forces Renault to take responsible action before someone dies, but I believe it might already be too late for that.'

He claims the huge number of vehicles involved – over half a million in the UK – is the reason why Renault so far has not recalled the vehicle.

To read Renault's response to this claim, click here.

Have you had this problem?
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