You say: Fiat 500 more chic than Mini

11 July 2007

We asked you whether you thought the new Fiat 500 was better than the Mini, and the results were overwhelming.

Just under 70% of you thought the Fiat was the smarter, more chic car, while defenders of the Mini found themselves well and truly in the minority.

We've printed a few of your comments below - all from enthusiastic 500 fans, because Mini aficionados didn't leave any! Did they know they were beaten before they began?

You said
'The Mini is too low. It is difficult to climb in and out, it's cramped and offers a rotten view once down there. Room in the back is negligible, considering the length and fatness of the car, and the drive is too hard and really nothing special - whatever the journos may say.

'Also, the looks are contrived. Initially it was appealing, certainly, and very clever, but ultimately it has proved to be a triumph of style over function - exactly the reverse of the original. So it isn't true to its roots either!

'The 500 is very cute, but also truly elegant and has that simplicity which does not easily date. And it does everything a tiny car is supposed to do.

'Most importantly, it is small, and yet has more room than a Mini. It has a spare wheel (as a car should) and it is easy to get in and out of. It is economical and it promises to be comfortable and fun to drive.

'I was disappointed by the Mini from the moment I drove one. I know the 500 could never disappoint me. I want one.

'As for the appearance, that is just the icing (fondant, of course) on a delicious cake.'
Richard Smith

'A modern 500, not a lardy Mini!'
Michael Costigan

'It's much more chic and less of an estate agent's car.'
Michael Ash

'The Mini's honeymoon is over - bring on the 500 and let the duel begin! It will also be interesting to see Ford's interpretation of the 500 in their next Ka.'
David Cooke

'The 500 is better without a doubt! It’s better looking, more spacious and I can't wait for the Abarth!'
Luca Losi

Not too late to comment!
If you think the Fiat 500 is better than the Mini, click here.

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