You say minimum driving age should be 18

05 June 2007

  • Our survey shows concern over current age limit
  • 75% of instructors admit to test concerns
  • Age limit could be raised to 18

Most people think the minimum age for holding a licence should be 18

A majority of people surveyed by believe the minimum age limit for gaining a driving licence should be 18.

Our survey of over 2500 people shows that 40% believe the lowest legal driving age should be 18, 36% believe it should be 21 and 12% each believe it should be 17 or 16.

The results follow the revelation that three-quarters of driving instructors believe the current driving test for new drivers is not hard enough - and nine out of 10 new drivers agree with that assessment.

Instructors surveyed by insurance firm Direct Line had concerns about driving test standards and skills that aren't assessed. They feel that the test should cover rural, motorway, dual carriageway and all-weather driving skills in greater depth.

Drivers who had passed their test in the past two years agreed, with 89% saying they wished their examination had been tougher.

The results of the surveys come at a time when the Commons Transport Select Committee is carrying out a review of the driving test. Among the issues it is considering are proposals to raise the minimum age limit to 18.

Other proposals include graduating new licences, so that new drivers are initially barred from driving at night or with more than one passenger, or forcing new drivers to undertake up to 120 hours of practice before taking a test.

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