You say: raise motorway speed limits

16 August 2007

  • 86% say 70mph rule is outdated
  • Just 14% want current or lower speed limit
  • Research shows higher limit will increase accidents

Motorway readers believe the current motorway speed limit of 70mph is too slow, with many highlighting the fact that it hasn't risen in line with increased car performance and safety measures.

The current 70mph limit was introduced as an experimental measure in 1965, and made permanent in 1967. Prior to that, there was no limit.

In our poll, 86% of respondents said the limit should be raised, while 14% said it should either remain as it is or be lowered.

The idea of raising the limit has support from the Conservative Party, which has suggested it would run experimental 80mph zones on selected motorways if it came to power.

However, critics point to the Parliamentary Transport Committee's estimates that a 10mph increase would result in a 10% rise in casualties on those roads.

Reader reaction
The speed limit should be variable depending upon road and weather conditions, and this should range from a maximum of 85mph in fine weather condition and light traffic, down to 60mph when there is poor visibility and weather conditions.
Nick Salerno

I think the speed limit should be lowered to 60mph, but 'undertaking' should be legalised the way it is in the USA.

The speed limit would need to be strictly enforced, perhaps by fitting speed limiters to all cars.
Stephen A Bustin

I believe the limit should be raised to 80mph. At the same time, this raised limit should be rigorously enforced with cameras - most likely the ones that track your average speed.

In addition, all UK motorways should adopt the variable speed limits that are used on the M25.

So, in good, dry conditions the limit could be 80mph. In poorer, congested, wet, foggy or icy conditions, the limit could be reduced to 40, 50, or 60mph.
John Franklin

The speed limit has been 70mph for over 30 years.

I've can't believe that the speed limit that was deemed safe enough for cars from the 1970s and '80s still applies to modern cars, which are vastly superior in safety features and speed capability.

An increase to 90mph would, in my opinion, be a good move.
Dylan Thornton

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