Zero-emissions BMWs come to UK

15 May 2007

BMW is bringing zero-emission, hydrogen-powered 7 Series cars to the UK - but unfortunately they're not for sale.

The cars are part of a fleet of 100 cars built on the standard 7 Series production line, and they're intended to demonstrate BMW's belief that hydrogen power is the way forward as car makers are forced to cut carbon dioxide emissions.

The limos will ferry high-profile politicians and VIPs from the business world this summer at major conferences and events to allow them to experience zero-emissions cars.

The Hydrogen 7 cars are powered by a 260bhp V12 engine, giving a 0-60mph time of 9.5sec and a limited top speed of 143mph. The hydrogen that powers them is stored in a special tank that keeps the fuel at a constant temperature of minus 250 degrees Centigrade.

The cars can switch from hydrogen to petrol at the touch of a switch on the steering wheel, and have a range of 125 miles from the 8kg hydrogen tank and a further 300 miles from the 74-litre petrol tank.

Engine power and pull remain the same in hydrogen mode as in petrol mode, so there's no loss of performance.

There's only one small issue with these new cars - currently, there's just one filling station in the UK for the cars, which is in Wembley in London.

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