Ford Fiesta ST

Best buy £15,000 - £20,000
Best hot hatch 2014: Ford Fiesta ST-2

Ford Fiesta ST

Fast Fords haven’t always been great, but the new Ford Fiesta ST is sublime. 

The ST’s 178bhp is more than enough; it pulls strongly from low revs right to the limiter, and is at its happiest when being flicked up and down through the gears along a fast B-road. 

The standard Fiesta is great to drive, and the ST’s stiffer suspension and recalibrated steering makes it even better. In fact, the ST’s sharp handling is about as good as it gets, at any price.The ST-1 model is a steal at £16,995, so we have no problem recommending that you spend another £1000 for the ST-2 version that adds part-leather trim, a stereo upgrade, LED daytime running lights and keyless start. 

Aside from the pretty firm ride, we can’t fault any aspect of the way the ST drives. Throw in a cabin that’s easy to get comfortable in, plenty of room for kids in the back, plus a decent-sized boot, and it’s obvious to see why we rate it so highly.

Key facts
0-60mph 6.9sec
Top speed 139mph
Fuel economy 47.9mpg
CO2 emission 138g/km
Tax liability 19%
Insurance group 30
List price £17,995
Target price £16,993

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