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Best Large SUV
Lexus RX

For: High-quality cabin materials; comfortable seats; interior quietness; reasonable insurance costs; dealer service experience.

Against: Disappointing fuel consumption; problems with wipers; seat rattles; unintuitive audio controls. See how this model performed

Why the car won

Interior - premium cabin with upmarket materials

Refinement - owners enjoy how quiet the RX is

Car owner comment

‘I wanted a car that would be reliable, comfortable and easily get me to and from the train station across back-country roads, in any weather. The RX has delivered this abundantly. ‘On dark, icy mornings, when I haven’t had enough caffeine, I climb into the cabin and waft out of the drive feeling totally cocooned. The way the RX effortlessly sends a bit of power to the back wheels when necessary seems to work well – I’ve never had anything near a slide in it. ‘It’s the quietest car I’ve ever owned; the hybrid powertrain means it’s virtually silent around town. Fuel economy of 30mpg isn’t bad considering it’s a two-tonne car and I’m a driver that likes to “make progress”. ‘The RX is also very well thought-out: the instruments look and feel just right, with everything placed conveniently and putting the driver properly at the heart of everything. ‘Key in my choice of car was that every model has a very high level of goodies; you don’t have to go hunting for the right spec or paying extra for any of this. ‘Considering how complex the car is, I’ve been amazed that absolutely nothing has gone wrong. Everything works as well as the day I picked it up.’

Neal Rayner, 45, IT strategy manager

Owner testimonial
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  • BMW X5

Worst Large SUV


For: Motorway passing power; driver visibility; rear passenger room; cabin storage space; driving dynamics.

Against: Road noise; audio quality issues; seat rattle/squeaks; rear seats uncomfortable; high fuel consumption.

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Volkswagen Up!

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Chevrolet Spark
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Jaguar and Lexus

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How we did it

The JD Power survey took place between January and March 2014, using cars registered between January 2011 and December 2012. Only models with more than 4000 sales were considered (109 in total). The JD Power survey categorises cars differently to What Car?, so the categories you see here are unique to this report.