Volkswagen Golf Plus


Spacious cabin and easy-to-load boot; responsive steering and brakes; easy-to-read dials; decent fuel economy.


Heater takes time to warm up; interior can mark easily; insurance costs; problems demisting windows.

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Volkswagen Golf Plus owner satisfaction ratings


Relability Problems


Customer Appeal


Dealer Services


Running Costs

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Models ranked by:
Ranked by category - Small family car
Lexus CT
2nd Lexus CT 81.2%
Škoda Octavia
3rd Škoda Octavia 81.2%
Seat Leon
4th Seat Leon 79.7%
Volkswagen Golf
5th Volkswagen Golf 79.4%
Toyota Auris
6th Toyota Auris 78.8%
Kia cee'd
7th Kia cee'd 78.7%
Audi A3/S3/RS3
8th Audi A3/S3/RS3 78.6%
Toyota Prius
9th Toyota Prius 78.4%
BMW 1 Series
10th BMW 1 Series 78.3%
Honda Civic
11th Honda Civic 77.7%
Ford Focus
12th Ford Focus 77.5%
Hyundai i30
14th Hyundai i30 76.7%
Mazda 3
15th Mazda 3 76.4%
Vauxhall Astra
16th Vauxhall Astra 76.0%
Renault Mégane
17th Renault Mégane 74.8%
Peugeot 308
18th Peugeot 308 74.7%
Citroën C4
20th Citroën C4 72.6%
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Volkswagen Up!

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Chevrolet Spark
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Jaguar and Lexus

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How we did it

The JD Power survey took place between January and March 2014, using cars registered between January 2011 and December 2012. Only models with more than 4000 sales were considered (109 in total). The JD Power survey categorises cars differently to What Car?, so the categories you see here are unique to this report.