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24 May 2012
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If you are buying a new car you will automatically get three years' warranty cover. If you are buying used, however, it could be worth investing in an after-market warranty to ensure you're covered should anything go wrong.

• Used car warranties are available from main dealers or from warranty specialists such as Warranty Direct, Warranty Wise and Warranty Works. You can usually save money by dealing with the warranty company direct, rather than through a car dealer or warranty broker.

• Shop around for cover because prices vary dramatically from company to company. However, be sure to compare like with like because not all warranties offer the same level of cover.

• Make sure you know exactly what is covered by the warranty you buy, and what you must do to keep the cover valid.

• Most used car warranties require you to have your car serviced according to the manufacturer's schedule but you should be able to take your car to any garage for servicing and repairs.

• Always read the warranty document thoroughly.

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