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05 June 2006

Approved used - Almost every car maker offers an approved used scheme. These aim to offer the buyer of a used car all the benefits and peace of mind associated with purchasing a new one.

Many buyers will feel happier buying a used car from the same gleaming showroom that also houses the brand-new cars.

The exact details vary from scheme to scheme, but most will offer a number of pre-sales checks, a vehicle-exchange policy and breakdown cover. Often, there will be a web-based stock locator, allowing you to search dealers all around the country for suitable cars. What's more, a manufacturer's approved used scheme can often apply to cars from makes other than its own.

However, bear in mind that not all dealers within a manufacturer's network necessarily offer the approved used package.

Generally, if you're looking for a used car, you'll find that the approved used route is the most expensive, compared with supermarkets, classified ads, auctions and so on. Of course, the extra cost is reflected in a host of benefits.

As part of the pre-sales inspections, for example, every scheme currently offers checks on mileage, accident history and finance history. You'll get at least a year's warranty and, in most cases, breakdown cover. Many schemes also offer a vehicle exchange; the best offer one for any reason.

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