T - Technology

05 June 2006

Technology - You may be offered all sorts of clever gadgets when you buy a car these days, from satellite-navigation to in-car DVD players.

However, before you tick the options list, think hard about how frequently you will use these facilities and whether they will be worth the extra money. In most cases it is unlikely you will recoup the cash when you sell the car on, and if you are a company car driver the price of the options will count towards your tax liability.

That said, advanced technology leads to the introduction of some safety items that are worth considering, such as electronic stability control (ESC).

Mercedes has just introduced smart headlamps to its updated E-Class, which adapt the focus and breadth of the beam to suit the conditions and type of road it is being driven on.

Also, Honda's range-topping 2.4 automatic Accord has a Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) which prevents the car deviating from its lane. (See See also In-car entertainment and Safety.)


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