T - Tyres/tyre pressures

05 June 2006

Tyres/tyre pressures - Tyres must be inflated to the manufacturer's stipulations and checked on a regular basis. Otherwise, a car will not ride or handle properly, tyres may wear out more quickly and your fuel economy will be affected.

A tyre that is wearing in just one place may indicate that the wheels are not balanced or are out of alignment. (See Alignment and Balance).

When it comes to replacing tyres, it's worth doing both wheels on the same axle at the same time rather than running one new tyre opposite one worn one, or you may suffer uneven grip while braking.

Tyres vary depending on the type of car they are fitted to. Low-profile tyres are more common on sporty models (See Low profile), while 4x4s often have knobbly tyres with deep grooves for extra grip.


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