Running A Car - What is CAT D?

24 May 2012

There are four levels of damage used by the insurance industry to describe cars that have been involved in accidents. These levels, or categories as they're more commonly known, are labelled as A, B, C and D.

Cat A is the worst of the four. Vehicles in Cat A cannot even be used for salvage and should be crushed.

Cat B cars may be broken down for spare parts.

Cat C cars can be fixed, but the repairs alone will cost more than the car's market value.

Cat D cars can be fixed and the repairs will cost less than its market value. However, the insurance company's decision to repair it is dependent on more than the cost of the repairs.

If you're buying a Cat D car, there's no guarantee that it hasn't incurred chassis damage. You can find out for sure by investing in a full mechanical inspection at an approved dealership, or by RAC Inspections.

If you buy a Cat D car, make sure your insurance company knows about it, otherwise they might not pay out if you make a claim.

For more information, including a guide to buying a Cat D car, click here.

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