Selling A Car - Meeting private buyers

24 August 2012
Non Car Person

If you decide to sell your car privately, you will have to meet potential buyers to allow them to inspect and test drive the car. However, it is vital that you protect your own security and that of your car, so make sure you consider the following:

Have a friend over
If you feel vulnerable or at all uneasy about meeting strangers by yourself, make sure you have a friend or relative around when the buyer visits.

Do it by day
Aim to meet buyers at your home in daylight hours to give them plenty of opportunity to examine the car thoroughly. You will also feel safer if you meet a stranger in daylight. In the winter, this may mean arranging for the buyer to visit in the morning, particularly if there is any chance that any delay would see them arrive after dark.

Check insurance
Ensure the buyer has at least third-party insurance cover. (If they have comprehensive cover on their own car, then they'll have third-party cover on your car.) Alternatively, you could change your policy to cover any driver during the selling process.

Check their licence
Ask to see the buyer's driving licence, and make a note of the licence number. Make it clear to the person driving that any speeding fines incurred on the drive will be their responsibility.

Stay with your car
Never allow a potential buyer to examine or drive your car without you. When it is time for the test drive, get into the passenger seat and then hand over the keys.

Be fair
Allow the buyer to drive on a variety of roads and for a decent amount of time – at least half an hour. If you try to cut it short, they might think you have something to hide.

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