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Volkswagen Up Concept

Volkswagen Up Concept CarThe Volkswagen Up Concept was revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Volkswagen continues with its simple design principles to help maximise space and reduce any unnecessary gimmicks. The Volkswagen Up will come in three different concept models, the Two Door Up, the Space Up and the Space Up Blue Van. The Volkswagen Up car is keeping up with the emergence of a new car era, this is how all new cars demonstrate how every millimetre of space is now being used by most manufacturers.

The Space Up Tw...

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Vauxhall New Supermini The Junior.

Vauxhalls new city car the JuniorVauxhall are set to release a new city car, and firm has been hard at work on a new supermini that they hope will take the market by storm, while at the same time go head-to-head with another supermini thats in the pipe line from Volkswagen which should be called the Up. The images show us how the pint-sized supermini from Vauxhall may look when released. Reports say Vauxhall will name the new supermini the Junior, it will be one of Vauxhalls smallest cars at 3.7 metres long. Vauxhall will fit t...

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Skoda Sales Up by 82%

Skoda have increased sales in the first half of 2010Skoda has announced a 15% increase in sales, the firm sold 378,747 vehicles worldwide in the first half of 2010, and this is an increase of nearly 15% compared to last year. Reinhard Fleger who is a member of the Skodas board responsible for Sales said that Skoda has continued to grow particularly in the Eastern European market as well as china. The brand has profited from increased demand in Europe thanks to the widespread availability of scrappage schemes introduced by governments to stimulate...

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Limited Edition Corsa VXR Nurenburgring

Get the best Vauxhall Corsa VXR Nurenburgring Lease deals and Vauxhall Corsa VXR Nurenburgring leasing offers at Lease Cars Direct, Business and Personal Contract Hire and PCPVauxhall will be releasing a new version of the Corsa VXR in the summer of 2011 and Vauxhall will call it the Corsa VXR Nurenburgring. Vauxhall hope this lightweight limited edition Corsa will rival the Renault Clio Cup. The latest pictures clearly show the aggressive styling of the Corsa VXR Nurenburgring with features such as bigger wheel arches, lower front spoiler, bigger rear spoiler and the triangular central tailpipe has made way for a set of big bore exhausts. The 1.6 litre turbo charged...

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Brand New BMW X4The BMW X4 SUV Coupe maybe small but it will be packed to the rafters with style. The latest sketches of BMW X4 shows that it will be styled on the BMW X6, these official sketches show that the X4 is on its way. The Drawings of the X4 were amoungst the press material at the launch of the new BMW X3. Rumours of a BMW SUV coupe have been circulating for a while now, but these latest images based on the X6 give the clearest idea yet of how BMW 3dr will take on the its rival the Range Rover Evoque ...

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Porsche Cajun SUV

Brand New Porsche Cajun SuvHere is the baby Porsche SUV coupé thats next set to wear the famous Porsche badge. It will be called the Cajun and should slot into the Porsche range below the Cayenne. The Porsche Cajun will go head-to-head with the Range Rover Evoque and the BMW X4 which will be revealed in 2013. The Cajun will be the first car developed under Porsches new owner, Volkswagen. The Porsche Cajun should have a lot in common with the Audi Q5 as the Porsche Cayenne was created alongside the VW Touareg and A...

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Volvo C30 5 Door

Brand New Volvo C30 5Door ArrivesLook out Volkswagen, Ford and Vauxhall, Volvo is teeing up a Golf, Focus and Astra rival. The Swedish firm is set to launch a practical, five-door version of its C30 hatch. But creating a five door version of the Volvo C30 that will match what the Volkswagen, Ford and Vauxhall has to offer in the way of quality and style will not be as simple as attaching 2 more doors to the existing Volvo C30. To go up against and rival what the best have to offer in the class, the new Volvo C30 will be given a...

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Nissan Murano 2.5 Diesel

Nissan Murano 2010/2011The Nissan Murano has been around for 5 years but it had never filled its full potential due to the lack of a diesel engine, but it looks like Nissan has now decided to turn over a new leaf and fit the Murano with what it has needed since its launch back in 2005. With so many of its competitors feeling at home in the UK the big Nissan SUV hasnt felt at home. While other rival manufacturers have increased their sales by offering efficient diesel engines, the Nissan Murano has soldiered on with a ...

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