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Audi TT RS Road Test

Audi TT RS ReviewIts rarely the lease cars direct team get the time to test drive any of the cars advertised on the site, but when we were offered the Audi TT RS roadster for the day the temptation was to much and time because unuasually available.

At first sight the TT RS takes you by surprise, you expect a normal TT with a more powerful engine, Audi are great at ensuring their RS and S models dont over do the styling and are capable of suprising anyone from the lights, when you pay £30,000 plus for a car you dont want it looking like its just crashed into Halfords. However allthough not a million miles from a normal TT little touches such as the rear spoiler, two tone alloys and twin exhaust pipes make it look so much more than a standard Audi TT.

Impressed by the exterior you open the drivers door to reaveal a compact cabin that has the normal audi class and feel, a sports steering wheel, bucket seats and appeals immediatly to the boy racer inside.

All this is fantastic and then you turn the key!

The noise that comes back is phenominal, you get butterflys in your stomach and your sold before you even move an inch.

The pace through the gears is outstanding a more than impressive 0-60 of under 5 seconds and sounds even faster, the girls in the office who bravely asked for a passenger seat ride (in the car) were barely out the car park before asking to be returned immediatly.

Someone declared the TT is a girls car, the white as sheet look on their face as I returned them to the office may have covinced a change of heart on that comment.

The facts are that this car will not be left far behind by its Audi R8 Big Brother, nor a ferrari, porsche or lambo, however it will cost you atleast £50,000 less! it handles superbly and feels compact and well built. If you want a supercar without the price tag and without the attention this car fits the bill perfectly. Endless fun and we found quite good on fuel.


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