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Autoglass Windscreen Technology

Future of WindscreensWhat if windscreens of the future could do more than just protect us from the elements, what if they could make the journey safer for the driver and safer for other road users too including pedestrians? Technicians from Autoglass have just released a short video of their concept futuristic windscreen which shows all the possibilities that your windscreen could display. Although this might not become a reality until 2020, some 9 years away but we have already started to see some technology like heads up display on some top end vehicles.

In the video the driver is made aware of such things like the speed limit of the road, if any speed safety cameras are coming up and if you are about to enter a congestion charge zone. The Windscreen will also give you information such as what radio station or CD track you are currently listening to, what gear you are in and even let you know when you are running low on fuel and then show you where youre nearest filling station. You might think all this is too distracting but the system is also capable of recognising when pedestrians are stepping out onto the road and also letting you know where cyclists are on the road.

Autoglass has also designed the system to help you find all different types of land marks with arrows pointing at them when you get near them. And of course if you wear out and about and your windscreen became damaged the system has the capability of contacting Autoglass and letting them know your location and that a new windscreen is required, then Autoglass will send you the name of the technician and ETA so the damage to the windscreen can be fixed.

The head of research for Autoglass Dr Chris Davies explained that this kind of development is already happening, albeit on some high end vehicles, but expect over the next few years this to become more common for those companies that can specify functions on their cars. All this new information that we will eventually see on our screens will not be any more distracting than what we see on a traditional dashboard, if anything, it will be quite the opposite as the new information will be positioned more in the line of vision than what drivers are used to, so in fact this will be safer.

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