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BBR beef up Mazda diesel BHP

Renowned Mazda tuners, BBR, have applied their BHP-boosting knowledge to a wider range of Mazda models, after earning much praise for their power and performance enhanced Mazda MX-5 models. And this time it's the the turn of the Mazda diesel engines (and drivers!) to enjoy some upgrades.

BBR has developed its own range of StarChip ECU (engine control unit) remaps (a reprogramming of the ECU to get more performance out of the engine) and mechanical enhancements for the Mazda diesel range using their new, state of the art 4WD chassis dyno (a platform that measures engine horsepower via the car's powered wheels), to ensure a high level of reliability, economy and user-friendly performance.

BBR conversions are currently available for the following Mazda diesels; 3, 5, 6, and CX7.

The entry-level BBR ECU upgrade is said to transform the performance and driveability of the 2.0 and 2.2-litre Mazda turbo diesel engine, via an ECU remap, and delivers MPS-style (the hotter Mazdas) performance whilst retaining the diesel fuel economy that customers demand.

BBR will reprogramme the standard Mazda ECU, with fuel, airflow and turbo boost requirements adjusted for all driving conditions. BBR's StarChip ECU remap software has been calibrated to deliver linear throttle pedal and turbo boost maps, which are said to offer a considerably smoother driving experience when compared to the factory ECU settings.

Basically, more power and torque across the rev-range, but when driven in a like-for-like manner, drivers of the upgraded Mazda diesels should see an improvement in economy in motorway cruising situations, and at least the same economy figures for other driving conditions.

Prices for the BBR ECU upgrades start at £499.


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