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Economy! Economy! Economy! Save! Save! Save!

Save Money by LeasingWill Car Leasing save you money?

The world has changed, the financial climate has changed and we all live in a world where saving money, becoming more efficient and being green is an everyday occurrence. This is ever present in the motor industry with continued development by manufacturers to increase fuel economy lower CO2 emissions and develop Electric Vehicles. Most people believe electric vehicles are some way from being a sensible purchase with short ranges and limited battery life, however Vauxhall have found a compromise with the new Vauxhall Ampera which is a mixture of Petrol and electric meaning you can do short journeys on the electric power and introduce the petrol engine should you run out of charge or for longer trips. However some voices believe the OTR price counter acts the savings available at over £30,000.

In the Lease Car industry we believe there are many savings to be had, some fantastic deals on economic cars and lease deals that you would not believe you could normally afford.

Here are just a couple of cars that we believe are great value, kind to the environment and will be economical.

1. Kia Rio Diesel Hatchback 1.1 CRDI 2 EcoDynamics 5dr

The Kia Rio boasts 74mpg and CO2 emissions of less than 100 g/km this 5dr hatchback is a snip at £119+vat per month from Kia Leasing on Lease Cars Direct. 

Citroen C12. Citroen C1 Hatchback 1.0i VTR 3dr 

The Citroen C1 is undoubtedly the cheapest and most affordable deal in the UK currently, Our Citroen leasing prices start from as low as £56+vat per  month which is phenomenal value. Don’t be fooled by the price either as this car is reliable and attractive.

Skoda Fabia3. Skoda Fabia Diesel Hatchback 1.2 TDI CR Greenline 11 5dr 

The Skoda maybe the most expensive on lease out of the 3 at £147+vat per month but it delivers 83mpg and 89 g/km CO 2 which is fantastic for your pocket if you do a few miles. The Skoda also wins when it comes to practicality with its 5drs and interior cabin space.

Other factors that play a huge part in saving you money with your new lease car would be Road Tax is included for the duration on nearly all vehicles, all vehicles are brand new under manufacturer warranty so no parts or labour costs should anything not be as it should. Maintenance can be purchased within the monthly rental to cover all service costs and wear and tear items such as brake pads and tyres.

Don’t buy another car and lose money, Lease and let fixed cost motoring give you control and a new car every 2 to 3 years!

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