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New ECO Cars 2011

3 Stunning New ECO Cars Summer 2011

A new range of spritely electric vehicles are now competing for eco-friendliness with an equally impressive range of new super-efficient petrol and diesel-based cars. Whichever you decide you like best; this is good news for the environment. The results of current recent studies offered very interesting results.

BMW Mini-E

Brand New BMW Mini EThe BMW Mini-E trial covered the UK and included 62 average drivers as well as over 70 car poolers users. Both groups tested the battery-powered Mini-E for two six-month trials. The data collected is being used to advance the BMW Active-E and i3 development programs. The testers reported very positively, and enthusiastically endorsed the improvements made recently to BMW's electric vehicle plans. For example, the widely held belief that electric cars are slow and handle poorly has finally been put to rest. All of the drivers and car-poolers were full of praise for the fun and handling, and especially liked the very quiet operation of the Mine-E next time they are looking for a BMW for sale would they buy one? Over 95% will now actively consider electric cars for their next vehicles, and over 50% stated they would pay up to a 33% premium over normal petrol vehicles.

Honda Civic (next generation)

New Eco Cars Honda CivicHonda is developing their next generation of diesel-powered Civic models which emit only 110 grams per kilometer of travel of CO2. This new model of the family hatchback will be shown in Frankfurt soon, and reduces its emissions by almost 30% over previous models. Powered by a 2.2L diesel engine producing 150 brake horsepower, which is the same performance as well. Lowered wind-resistance and improvements to the engine, including a stop-start system, produce these impressive and eco-friendly characteristics. The new model is due to be available in early 2012.

Nissan Micra DIG-S

New Eco Cars Nissan Micra DIG-SNissan has produced a very interesting Micra - the DIG-S which stands for Direct Injection Gasoline with Supercharger. This new car is the most economical version of the Micra yet, and is powered by a1.2 litre 3-cylinder petrol engine with a supercharger air-compression system to provide an outstanding combination of economy, performance, and low emissions. This engine and a range of other enhancements result in a 0-60 time of only 11.3 seconds - impressive for a 1.2L engine! Fuel consumption is almost 70 miles per gallon, and emissions are only 95 grams per kilometer traveled. The key to this efficiency is the engine's ability to run in two different modes of operation, one for low engine revs (Miller cycle), and the other for high revs (Otto cycle). Add in stop-start engine control - on both the manual stick and Continuosly Variable Transmission versions, along with aerodynamic improvements and low rolling-resistance tires, and you get a wonderful spritely car with great mileage and eco-happy drivers.


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