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Ford Focus ECOnetic

Brand New Ford Focus EcoFord will release its cleanest ever Focus in early spring of 2012. When the new Focus hits the showrooms next year it will join the ever growing demand for super efficient cars. The Ford Focus ECOnetic has figures of 80mpg and produces only 95g/km of C02 emissions, efficiency is one of the main targets for all car manufacturers to improve on and with these figures Ford have achieved this easily. The old 1.6 TDCi engine returned impressive economy figures but the new 1.6 litre Duratorq engine achieves 13mpg more than the old one and CO2 emissions have been improved by 14g/km. The new Duratorq engine produces 105bhp which is quite impressive considering how economic the Focus is, all this is achieved by fords new injection system, new turbocharger and specially designed friction free parts for the engine. Fords new six speed manual Durashift gearbox uses special transmission oil that helps to reduce friction and the higher gearing also helps reduces engine speed when in sixth gear.

The Aerodynamics of the Focus was a big area the Ford technichians spent time on by tweaking the overall shape of the car to reduce drag, Ford has fitted shields and deflectors under the car to help smooth out the air that passes underneath the car. The new Focus ECOnetic has also been fitted with a clever front grille that can be shut to help reduce drag even further, by doing this it helps reduce the CO2 emissions by 2%. Ford has even gone as far as fitting low drag wheel trims which are more streamlined than alloy wheels. The new range of economy saving features will be fitted to all new Ford Focus vehicles and other technology that we will see on the new Focus will be Fords Stop start system, Regenerative Charging, Eco Driving Mode, Indication system that alerts you to traffic in your blind spot when indicating to change lanes and all ECOnetic will come with a set of ultra low rolling resistance tyres.

The Ford Focus ECOnetic will make its debut at the 2011 Amsterdam Motor Show. If you would like to be kept up to date with all of our car leasing deals, Auto news, Top Lease Car Deals and latest car offers from Lease Cars Direct Click Here to visit our home page where you can see all of our Special offers and also sign up for our weekly news flyer where you will be kept up to date with the most current leasing offers available, just enter your name and email address and you will receive all our latest deal via a flyer. But for all other Lease Cars Direct including all Lease Cars, Cheap Lease Cars, Lease Deals, Car Leasing Deals, Business Lease Cars, Company Lease Cars and all other Contract Hire and Leasing Deals with free delivery, free car tax, and manufacturer warranty included visit


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