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New Honda CR-Z Hybrid and Type RHOT HONDA CR-Z HYBRID AND CR-Z TYPE R Mugen

has at last delivered a hybrid to stop people going out and buying comedy glasses, fake nose and fake moustache before doing their weekly shop. To be honest most hybrids before the Honda CR-Z have been dull, boring and a little bit embarrassing to drive. The Honda CR-Z hopes to be the first hybrid sports car that will appeal to all, it will be powered by the same Honda integrated motor assist system as the Insight, but the CR-Z gets a larger 1.5 engine producing 102bhp and with the electric motor producing 20bhp the return is a healthy 122bhp. For anyone who demands more power from a hybrid sports car they wont have to wait too long as Honda announced they will be releasing a Type R Mugen version of the of the Honda CR-Z which will have customers queuing up to lease surely the hottest hybrid yet.

The Honda CR-Z Type R Mugen version is expected to be fitted with the same 1.5 engine as the standard CR-Z but the CR-Z Mugen will be tuned to produce 150bhp, but the Mugen will will be fitted with a more powerful electric motor which will take the overall power output up to around the 200bhp. The Honda CR-Z Type R Mugen will be fitted with a sport plus setting to give maximum performance from the upgraded stiffened suspension and steering system while the Honda CR-Z Mugen will also produce a sharper throttle response. The Honda CR-Z Type R Mugen will without doubt stand out from the crowd not just due to the impressive styling but also due to the paint scheme it will receive. The Honda CR-Z Type R Mugen should make its debut at the Tokyo Motor show next year with UK sales commencing a few months after. Sources say the starting price for the Honda CR-Z Mugen will be around £20.000. The Honda CR-Z is now available on lease and contract hire through If you would like to be kept up to date as to when the Honda CR-Z Mugen will be available, or even news on any cheap car leasing deals sign up to our weekly news letter on Lease-Cars-Direct home page.


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