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With more and more major businesses pushing their staff to be aware of their carbon footprint they are now looking at what improvements could be implemented. One of the obvious ones is changing the car fleet over to Hybrids or Electric cars, but with electric cars costing a fortune and with charging points not widely available yet the cost effective option would have to be a Hybrid. When you think of a Hybrid chances are the Toyota Prius comes to mind. But the Honda Insight should be considered especially with a starting price of £16,325 compared to the Toyota which is £19,505. The Honda Insights clever Integrated Motor Assist drivetrain which couples an 88bhp 1.3litrepetrol engine with a 13bhp electric motor gives a combined output is 98bhp and 167Nm of torque. Honda also provides the driver with an Eco Assist display which takes pride of place in the centre console. As you drive you will see leaves and petals grow on flowers the more efficiently you drive. The Honda Insights Eco Guide system indicates how friendly your driving is to the environment by using backlights on the speedometer, green speedo means youre loving the planet. The Honda Insight can achieve 64.2mpg with only 101g/km of CO2 which places the Insight in band B costing £0 road tax fund. Overall, the Insight is a good package that will open up the Hybrid market to customers who previously couldnt afford them before. You can get the Honda Insight on lease and contract hire through www.leasecarsdirect.co.uk with delivery, car tax, and manufacturer warranty included.


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