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How To Drive Through Deep Water

How to drive safely through deep water The country has been badly hit with weather recently, and with the weather forecasters predicting more of the same to come, we have put a guide together to help you if you encounter a flood or a large puddle on the road.

First and foremost, if possible, take a different route. If driving through the deep water is unavoidable then please follow these steps:

1. Check the depth of the water. If the water comes up to the bottom edge of your door then this can cause problems for the engine. Water can get splashed up into the engine compartment and lead to stalling.
2. Before entering the water, engage 1st gear and keep a consistent slow speed. Stay in the same gear and dont lift off the accelerator as it can allow water to travel up the exhaust. The perfect situation is to have a small bow wave in front of the car.
3. If the car stalls in deep water, get someone to tow you out. If you are unsure of the depth of the water, or it is moving water, stay in the vehicle and call for assistance and await rescue.

Once you have driven through the deep water, make sure to do the following measures:

1. Press your brakes gently to help them dry.
2. Keep moving to allow water to clear from the exhaust.
3. Check the air filter. If it is damp, replace it and change the oil.
4. Look under the car for dirt, mud, or debris. Remove to avoid it causing damage to the undercarriage.
5. Check the lights for water damage and replace bulbs if needed.
6. If you have any worries, take the car to the nearest garage for inspection.

Hopefully, you will not need this advice and be safe on your travels.

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