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Land Rover Evoque revealed

New Land Rover Evoque2WD Land Rover Evoque Compact

In an extraordinary development the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque which will be based on the 2008 LRX concept will come with 2WD as standard with 4WD as an option. The Land Rover Evoque is the company's First ever front wheel drive model and is due for release later on this year. It will be available on lease and contract hire through Land Rovers focus was to make it more fuel efficient while only producing emissions as low as 120g/km of CO2. The Land Rover Evoque will make moves to take a slice of the bulging market for small crossovers. Customers are now demanding vehicles with more space than hatchbacks and an elevated driving position, but without large SUV running costs. Many would argue it's a segment of the market Land Rover should have been in years ago, and with the new Land Rover Evoque they are set to do this.

New Land Rover Evoque 5drThis is the first official image of the five-door Land Rover Range Rover Evoque which is the only one to be released by Land Rover boss Phil Popham who also confirmed the Evoque would be unveiled at the 2010 Paris Motor Show but we dont expect to see it in the flesh until November 2010 LA Motor show. We expect the same 2.2 litre turbodiesel engines fitted in the smaller three door Land Rover Evoque with a choice of either 148bhp and 187bhp. A 2.0-litre variant will also be available producing 237bhp. The Evoque comes with a manual gearbox and stop start technology as standard. The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque has the option of a 4x4 wheel drive system and an automatic gearbox. The 148bhp diesel engine will be the most Economic Range Rover Yet with a return of 58mpg and 130g/km of Co2. The Land Rover Evoque will soon be available on Lease and Contract hire through

The Evoques has just answered a few question marks hanging over its head about its off road capabilities. Feedback from a recent test at Gaydons of road course showed that the Evoque can handle switching from the city life to the country life. The Evoque Adaptive Dynamics suspension system which is supplied by BWI is filled with a special fluid which when tweaked by the onboard ECU via a electrical current reacts in a split second to soften the suspension to iron out any bumps or stiffen the suspension when needed in a sharp corner. This was put to the test at Gaydon as one of the first tests was to undergo a series of left and rights undulating turns which the Evoque handled with no body roll what so ever. On a muddy dirt road which had a series of small holes either side the Evoque dampers automatically adjusted to minimise side to side movement. Although you could feel the series of small holes in the course the Evoque somehow convinces you that it was much smoother than what it was.
Land Rover Evoques will feature a Terrain Response system which allows you to select the setting to match your current road conditions. Land Rover has also fitted a Hill Descent function with a twist, with most hill decents you are fixed to a certain speed but with the Evoques you can use the cruise control buttons to control the speed of the decent and if the Evoque cant handle the speed you have selected it will automatically calculate the amount of grip on offer then adjust the speed accordingly. The Evoque will also feature a hill holder function which will hold the car at extreme angles. The final test was a section of tarmac road where the Adaptive Dynamics suspension system really impressed as the dampers controlled and minimised body roll when the Evoque is flung into corner after corner as if it was a small sports coupe.

The Land Rover Evoque prices start at £27,955 and run to £44,320 and go on sale in September 2011 and will also be available to lease. If you would like to be kept up to date with all Land Rover Evoque lease car deals, latest Auto news and our latest car deals from Lease Cars Direct Click Here to visit our home page and fill out your name and email address to receive our weekly Top Evoque Deals. But for all other Lease Cars Direct from Dealers, including all Cheap Land Rover Lease Cars, Land Rover Lease Deals, Land Rover Car Leasing Deals, Evoque Business Lease Deals, Land Rover Evoque Company Lease Cars, Evoque Lease and all other Land Rover Evoque Contract Hire and Leasing Deals with free delivery, Free car tax, and manufacturer warranty included visit


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